Christmas Children’s Escape Room Game – Elf Hq


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  • Suitable for ages 6-9yrs
  • Christmas Puzzle Fun!
  • Internet Access Required

HOW TO PLAY: My name is Bernard, and I am the Head Elf at Santa’s Workshop this year. I have a VERY special message for you this year - that Santa has asked me to deliver just to you. We don’t want just anyone to read it, so I have hidden it behind a set of puzzles. I know you are smart enough to solve them, so my message will be in safe hands! There are 6 puzzles to solve, which together create a passcode. Enter the passcode into the online vault (you’ll need access to the internet) to reveal your secret message. Age Range - 6-9 Each item in the puzzle represents a different challenge - some are maths based, others logic - but all are designed to test different skills and be plenty of fun along the way!


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