Dala Horse Embroidery Kit


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  • Based on traditional Scandi Decorations
  • Makes 3 Dala Horses
  • Made by Cotten Clara
  • Suitable for ages 14+

Cotten Clara love Dala horses, and anything Scandi really so they designed this really simple embroidery kit. Stitch these three different horses, then hang them as individual decorations or as a garland. Full instructions are included along with everything you'll need to complete this project. Thread (really lovely soft cotton thread), a needle, wooden shapes, instructions and string to hang. If you're looking to get into embroidery as a hobby then this could be a good place to start. As the pattern is cut into the wooden shape, we take the guess work out of stitching. You just follow the pattern and use the most basic embroidery stitch out there, the back stitch. Once you master this you can go on to out more complicated kits. Made from plywood and 100% cotton, each horse measures approximately 12cm.

Suitable for ages 14+
Made in United Kingdom


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