Grow your own “Fairytale” kit


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  • Grow the vegetables that feature in classic fairytale’s!
  • Suitable for ages 5+
  • Made by Arthur & Luna
Fuel your child’s imagination by encouraging them to grow Cinderella’s carriage (Pumpkin), a True Princess detector ( peas) and their very own Beanstalk for finding giants !
Whilst I can’t promise the pumpkin will turn into a magic carriage or the beanstalk will reach the clouds I can promise they will get a bit extra fun out of learning a valuable skill

Encourage your child's gardening skills with these growing kist by Arthur & Luna!

Contains everything needed to grow your own peas, pumpkins and beanstalk and suitable for ages 5+ with adult supervision.

Please note that I am unable to post this kit to Australia or New Zealand.


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