Jenna-Bees Seillean Seedbom


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  • Quick and Easy
  • Wildflower Mix
  • Jenna-Bee
  • Made by Kabloom for Peedie Pals

Turkey/Syria Earthquake Appeal item, These have been reduced to £2,20 each with £2 from every sale being donated to the UNICEF Earthquake Appeal,

Jenna-Bees Seillean Seedbom , made for Peedie Pals by Kabloom, each bomb containing a Bee friendly wildflower mix , simply throw and grow!

Seillean is also the Gaelic word for Bee 🐝, 10% of every sale will be going to :

they are the Scottish Bee Company's sister charity, with the purpose to protect and improve the UK's threatened pollinator population. The co-founders of The Scottish Bee Company felt passionately about helping reverse the decline in pollinators across the Country,With the help of funding, the team at RePolliante work actively with communities and create projects to encourage the creation of wildflower spaces in local areas through engagement and education .


Made by Felt So Good.


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