Dipli the Diplodocus


  • Fair Trade
  • Suitable from Birth
  • Made by Best Years
  • A Peedie Pals Best Seller!

Cheerful knitted diplodocus dinosaur soft toy available in four different colours, Dipli was Peedie Pals bestseller in the run up to Christmas 2021! In real life the Diplodocus had one of the smallest brains of the dinosaur family, but it was still way ahead of the Stegosaurus which had the brain the size of a walnut! It didn't need to be the brightest as it had no natural enemies, perhaps because of its sheer size or maybe because it looks so friendly?


Don’t despair if Dippy can’t be foundHe’s wondered off with his head in the clouds. He’s loyal and gentle and loves you dearly and keeping him close will make you cheery! Machine washable, suitable from birth and totally gorgeous!

Approximate size: height 29cm x length 32cm Dimensions are given as a guide only and can vary. Acrylic, ethically sourced

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Rainbow Stripe, Bold Stripe, Ice Blue, Orange, Green


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