Sel & Signy’s free beachcleaning Chart


  • Help Sel & Signy make the sea plastic-free
  • promotes care for the environment
  • Free!
  • Part of the Peedie Pals Collection
Free Beach cleaning chart!
Sel Selkie & Signy Shark like to keep their Seas clean, safe & tidy for all their friends but they really need some extra help
If you have children who want to help stop plastic pollution then this free pdf of Sel & Signy’s chart is perfect , children can either tick or record how many of each litter item they collect and if you email in a photo of either a completed chart or your child taking part they will receive a free “sea savers” certificate as well .
Please remember to take a grown-up with you, wear gloves , don’t go too close to the water and no picking up sharp objects , ask your grown-up helper


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