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Looking for a fun and eco-friendly way to keep your little one’s entertained? Our range of toys, books, and gifts are made from sustainable materials and are perfect for children of all ages.

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We are committed to creating an earth-friendly shopping experience that benefits customers whilst supporting our suppliers and the planet. Our toys are eco-friendly, educational, and fun.

Spin Your Lunch! A Better Way to Pack Healthy Snacks

Reuse – reduce – save: a better way to pack a healthy lunch for day care, school, excursions, or a picnic! Pack a meal with tomatoes, cheese, carrots or any other dry food without leaving packaging garbage. Just spin the disc and have the benefit of a joyful meal, wherever you are!


Pink friendship bracelets with heart charms

Be Kind to the Planet and Have Some Fun Along the Way!

For eco-friendly and fun-loving parents and grandparents. Let Peedie Pals help you teach your little one’s about being kind to the planet – and have some fun along the way!


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Space Station Eco-Friendly Play Set

Reach the earth’s outer limits with this two-part interlocking space station, with an onboard laboratory, detachable capsule, a fully opposable arm, and two astronauts. Our space station playset is fully compatible with the astronaut and robots set and our spaceship, so prepare for lift-off and get ready for a totally absorbing space adventure.


Pink friendship bracelets with heart charms

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Established in Orkney in 2020

We offer a range of eco-friendly books and gifts for children including our own branded Peedie Pals collection. We also stock a wide range of other small eco and fair-trade brands.


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Our products are made from sustainable materials and are designed to last. Plus, they’re super fun and stylish too! So whether you’re looking for a birthday present, a holiday gift, or just a little something special, our eco-friendly toys and gifts are sure to please.

We are a net zero website.